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We are committed to providing top quality sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair and sprinkler maintenance services to the Denver metro area. Our services are provided by highly skilled sprinkler technicians.

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Design and installation

We understand how important water conservation is to all of us. To achieve that, we start with an effective irrigation blueprint design Irrigation system installatin denveras well as top quality parts that include the most efficient sprinkler heads for the specific zone. Proper programming of the controller is also imperative, not every zone or sprinkler head requires the same amount of watering time. Rain sensor installation is another great way to conserve water and money.

We strongly believe in damage prevention and always take additional steps by educating and encouraging our valuable customers to include a master valve with their sprinkler system installation. An irrigation master valve is an electric valve installed on the main water supply line. The purpose of a master valve is to minimize water loss and water damage due to a leak in a zone valve. If the main water source line to the zone valve breaks the water will be shut off at the end of the irrigation cycle minimizing water loss and property damage.

Sprinkler Repair Denver and surrounding areas

When hiring a sprinkler repair provider in Denver you want experience and skilled technicians that you can trust and depend on.
If your Sprinkler system isn't working properly or not working at all, give A&M Lawn Services, Inc. a call. Our team of skilled technicians are ready toSprinkler system not working propertly assist you with complete sprinkler system repairs and maintenance. sprinkler repair Denver, COThe most common reason that sprinkler systems break down is because they are not properly winterized. Any water residuals can freeze, causing cracked seals, underground breaks, and may other costly damages. To avoid these issues your sprinkler system needs to be winterized and maintained regularly by a professional.

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If you're looking for irrigation maintenance, sprinkler repair, to replace an old sprinkler system or for a new installation, rest assured that our team at A&M Lawn Sevices, Inc. will get the job done quick and efficiently every time.