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A&M Lawn Services, Inc. provides tree removal,tree removal services denver tree trimming and stump grinding services through Denver and su rrounding areas.
Dead or dying trees can constitute serious liability to homeowners as well as safety issues and should be dealt by licensed and insured professionals. If you are in need of tree removal, tree trimming or stump grinding servicese,
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When it comes to tree removal, knowledge and skills are key to safely remove hazardous trees. Also important is understanding the circumtances of when a tree should be removed or not. There are many noninfectious tree diseases out there that can be treated to avoiding removing the tree all together, these diseases are caused by nonliving agents, such as low temperture, excess moisture, winter injury (winter sunscald) and high temperature disease which increases the loss of water, turning leafs brown or yellow and falling prematurly.

To identify a hazardous tree, one must systematically inspect the tree staring at the top and crown.

Trees in poor conditions may have dead branches, twigs and (off color smaller leaves) Things to check for are peeling bark, decayed trunk or roots, deep cracks through the trunk as well as V and U shape bores (holes) in the trunks with splits or cracks. A leaning tree dosen't mean that it has to be removed. Trees generally don't grow straight and so a bit of a lean is perfectly normal. To identify a potentially dangerous leaning tree, check all around it, and look for cracks in the soil and exposed roots.
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Tree Health
Trimming helps to promote a trees health by strategically removing dead or dying branches that have been affected by disease, insects, animals or storm damage among others. It's important to remember that trimming or pruning should be done during the dormant season, as any other living creature trees are also affected by stress.

Trimming during dormant season can greatly reduce stress, loss of sap, and damage from insects or fungus. It is especially important that properly maintained equipment and chemicals (when needed) are used when pruning tree branches.

Tree Trimming For Appearance Tree trimming is sometimes essential to maximize the appearance of a tree therefore enhancing the beauty and value of any property. When pruning trees for appearance, it is important to avoid unnatural sizes or shapes. Extreme trimming may seriously damage or kill a tree.

Stump Grinding
After a tree has been properly removed, property owners often find themselves left with an ugly stump. If you are a property/homeoner tired of mowing around your ugly stump or looking to enhance your landscape appearance give A&M Lawn Services, Inc. a call today!